Shadow Wars LRP

by those geeks at False Utopia

The Dystopian Cyberpunk (in all honesty i'm not sure what it is anymore - T) Airsoft LRP experience!
Shadow wars is a Live Roleplay Game that is played in a dystopian future setting (read the background tab) and uses foam latex weaponry to simulate melee combat while using airsoft combat to represent ranged combat. 
The game is set 20 years in the future and assumes that massive leaps in technology and science have happened as a result of mega corporate funding and our need to have zombies, mutants, cyborgs, teleportation, plasma weapons and every other geeky piece of tech we at False Utopia loved from movie, TV, comics, roleplay games etc in our game :)
You play the part of a mercenary within an organisation called ShadowNet and events are based around specific mission that Shadownet have been paid to facilitate. These missions are funded by the mega corprations and as such have specific objectives to achieve over the weekend. That said, there is also several storylines to engage in that are running in the background that can and will affect the game and your characters access to tech and science.  
My last note is that Shadow Wars is not a skirmish; it is a roleplay game that uses airsoft weapons alongside classic foam latex LRP weapons to represent its combat. If you like to just get your gun off and put 1000’s of bb’s in the air then most likely this is not the system for you.
Also, from an LRP point of view; the system is not designed for Player vs. Player action on any scale and as such the game is predominantly Player vs. Environment or Player vs. Monster. If your idea of a good LRP weekend is killing other characters, again…Shadow Wars is not for you.
Thanks for taking the time to check out the website and we look forward to seeing you at an event real soon as a player or as one of our awesome crew. 
Andy T

Shadow Wars 27: The Finale

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