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Shadow Wars has now ended and here is the final thoughts of Andy T.

Shadow Wars has been successful because it did the unthinkable. It threw its doors open and said; anyone's welcome and anythings possible. A system where no one really gave a toss what label you placed on yourself but instead just had, larpers larping in a system that wants you to larp your way.

We (and I mean everyone that has crewed and played Shadow Wars over the last 10 years) created a place where people felt safe to come just explore the boundaries of ridiculousness. if you wanted to have cinema quality kit then there was a nplace for you, if you wanted to wear a onesie, go nuts. if you wanted to wear a cardboard titan outfit or dress as a Dalek... go nuts!

But all the time maintaining a level of threat and roleplay that maked it immersive, horrific, tense, emotional and above all... fun.

I have loved being your GM and have loved creating my own game from the idea that Stu and Andy ran. But it fair to say that any success I feel now is because of a long list of people that have crafted my ideas and made them in to something greater than just i could have made.

I wanted to be the kind of leader that embraced others ideas and let them grow. My aspiration was to give others the confidence to engage in LARP and feel it was ok to challenge; to have the ability to create their own vision.

Even if that aspiration fell short, I hold true to the idea that systems owners need to be humble enough to recognise that within their crew and players are brilliant, creative and wonderful people who can take your idea and in almost every sense... improve it. By listening and mentoring, you get the best from people and by god... did I have the best team of volunteers ever.

I'll sign off by saying I am humbled to have been a part of the last 10 years and will hopefully see you all soon as part of some gaming based shenanigans like 'From Shadows' run by a very talented and keen team :)

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